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Manage Your Quarterly Tax Payments Using These Methods

For many, tax season is not the only time to make tax payments. Those making estimated tax payments, such as freelancers and the self-employed, may be required to pay taxes each quarter of the year. The first quarter for 2016 fell on April 18, and the following quarters fall on June 15, September 15, and January 17, 2017. Not making tax payments on time can lead to penalties and interest. To manage your estimated tax ...

Should You Make Quarterly Tax Payments?

Estimated tax payments are not only for the self-employed. They are used to pay taxes on any income that is not subject to withholding. If you prefer ‘pay as you go’ over a once-a-year lump sum payment, you can pay taxes four times a year. Employees who have their taxes withheld from their paycheck may use estimated taxes if they have other income sources. Estimated tax is used ...

Who Should Make Estimated Tax Payments

Those whose income is not subject to withholding need to make estimated tax payments. Income from self-employment, dividends, rent, interest, alimony, prizes and awards, and gains from the sale of assets are subject to estimated tax payments. Those whose income is being withheld are only required to pay estimated tax if their tax liability is more than the amount withheld from their wages. Estimated Tax Payment ...

Who Needs to Make Estimated Tax Payments?

September 03, 2014  |   Tax News   |   Tags: , ,  

When you are an employee you don’t need to worry because the tax work as it will be taken care of by your employer who withholds the taxes from every paycheck and sends the money to the IRS. The employer generally sends the taxes to your state government as well. This is the way you will pay your income taxes without having to worry about them. Also you get a nice refund at tax time.