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IRS Notice CP 2000: What it is and what to do if you get one

April 10, 2015  |   Tax Advice,Tax Tips   |   Tags: , ,  

The idea of receiving IRS notices worries most taxpayers. They fear that they have a tax debt or have been selected for an audit. The fact is that the IRS sends notices to share information as well, even when they are not required to act. Notice CP 2000, however, requires action. By sending Notice CP 2000, the IRS is informing you that they compared information on ...

IRS Notice CP 2000: What It Is and What to Do If You Get One

October 10, 2014  |   Tax Advice   |   Tags: , ,  

Mistakes happen, especially on tax returns. Simply put, the IRS Notice CP 2000 is is the IRS’s way of telling a taxpayer that they think the taxpayer made a mistake when reporting their income. Every year, the IRS receives millions of income tax returns and processes them as quickly as they can. Usually, they are done processing income tax returns before they finish processing the W2s and other forms filed by employers and financial establishments ...