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Top Three IRS Tax Scams

May 08, 2015  |   Tax Scams   |   Tags: , ,  

Taxpayers, the IRS and the Treasury lose millions of dollars to tax scammers every year. The best efforts of law enforcement agencies and the IRS have not been able to halt ongoing fraudulent activity. At the end of the day, taxpayers suffer because of the loss of money and the complications inherent in getting their issues corrected. The top three IRS tax scams in the country ...

The IRS Phone Scam – What you Need to Know

January 05, 2015  |   Tax Scams   |   Tags: , ,  

During 2014, when the IRS phone scam spread across the United States, it was dubbed “the largest tax scam of its kind” by J. Russell George, the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration. After many months, despite efforts made by the IRS and law enforcement agencies, the IRS phone scam is still claiming thousands of victims across the nation. In this tax scam, victims receive calls ...

How to detect an IRS phone scam?

September 04, 2014  |   Tax Scams   |   Tags: , ,  

Many people across the US have received unsolicited phone calls from people who claim to be IRS officials. The IRS reports that they receive complaints from people about fake phone calls all the time. The scam artist callers tell their victims that they owe cash to the government or the IRS. The scammers can also be threatening to the call recipients. People ...