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When does the IRS pursue criminal charges?

July 25, 2015  |   Tax Scams   |   Tags: , ,  

Violations of the Internal Revenue Code such as tax evasion and tax fraud may lead to criminal charges. Cases of tax evasion are dealt with most severely and are more likely to lead to criminal charges. Tax fraud, on the other hand, can lead to civil penalties, and in some cases, criminal charges as well. Investigation by the IRS The IRS receives information about tax fraud and ...

Top five IRS Tax scams to look out for

September 17, 2014  |   Tax Scams   |   Tags: , ,  

The IRS identifies the common tax scams in their “dirty dozen” list. As expected some go to excessive lengths to put in false information on tax returns, criminal minds don’t sleep it seems, but there are a lot of people which get involved with incorrect and misleading advice from tax preparers or bogus scheme promoters.   Here are the five IRS scams to look out ...

How to detect an IRS phone scam?

September 04, 2014  |   Tax Scams   |   Tags: , ,  

Many people across the US have received unsolicited phone calls from people who claim to be IRS officials. The IRS reports that they receive complaints from people about fake phone calls all the time. The scam artist callers tell their victims that they owe cash to the government or the IRS. The scammers can also be threatening to the call recipients. People ...