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Business Tax Myths to Watch Out For

The IRS keeps a close watch on business tax returns. In 2015, the tax agency examined early 62,000 business returns, a slight increase from 2014. Typically, those with income and larger businesses have greater chances of being examined. Unintentional errors or simple oversights can be dangerous for businesses. A single error can call into scrutiny not only your tax information for 2015, but possibly from previous years. ...

Working Abroad and Your Tax Obligations

January 08, 2016  |   Tax Advice,Tax Tips   |   Tags: , , , ,  

For Americans working abroad, most of the tax filing and reporting requirements are the same as it applies to those residing in the U.S. If a person is a citizen of the United States (even those with dual citizenship), they are required to report and pay taxes on their worldwide income. U.S. citizens, resident aliens and those holding a green card when working abroad are considered ‘taxpayers living abroad’. U.S. Taxpayer Identification Number To file a tax ...