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Top Three IRS Tax Scams

May 08, 2015  |   Tax Scams   |   Tags: , ,  

Taxpayers, the IRS and the Treasury lose millions of dollars to tax scammers every year. The best efforts of law enforcement agencies and the IRS have not been able to halt ongoing fraudulent activity. At the end of the day, taxpayers suffer because of the loss of money and the complications inherent in getting their issues corrected. The top three IRS tax scams in the country ...

Why the TurboTax Security Breach Should Worry Us

February 17, 2015  |   Tax Scams   |   Tags: , ,  

The security breach of TurboTax came as a blow to Intuit, the company that owns TurboTax. Even though after a brief shutdown and added security TurboTax was operational again, the breach shows what identity thieves are capable of. It is particularly worrisome because taxpayers had no control over preventing their identities from being stolen. Identity theft is steadily becoming a problem with no solution. Despite the efforts of ...