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What To Do When Your Wages are Garnished

February 05, 2016  |   Tax Advice,Tax Tips   |   Tags: , , , , ,  

When back taxes go unpaid, the IRS can place a levy on a taxpayer’s wages, property, right to property, and bank accounts. Worse, the tax agency does not need a court order to do so. When it comes to your wages, you may want to review some basic steps to avoid a garnishment: File Back Tax Returns If you did not file a return for any year, you should ...

Get a Bigger 2015 Refund by Using These Tax Saving Tools Now

Many taxpayers believe that with the end of the year, their chances of reducing their annual tax bill has ended, too. However, there is one big way through which taxpayers can lower their tax liability after the end of a year: contributing to retirement accounts and claiming a deduction. The deadline for making contributions to many types of retirement accounts, including traditional IRA’s, extends well beyond Dec 31. Regardless of whether you’re an employee or ...

8 Tax Tips to Help You Save Money

8 tax tips by which you can save money. Here are few specific tips and actionable ideas that could pay big dividends!  8 Tax Tips to Help You Save Money from Tax Assistance Group