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Providing Obamacare Financial Help Difficult Due to Error by Filers

Under the Affordable Care Act, eligible individuals and families with low or moderate income that cannot afford to purchase healthcare through the Health Insurance Marketplace can use the premium tax credit (PTC) to pay for health insurance. This refundable credit is received in advance. However, those claiming this credit are required to file a tax return. Many of the people, roughly 1.4 million households, who claimed the PTC ...

8 Tax Tips to Help You Save Money

8 tax tips by which you can save money. Here are few specific tips and actionable ideas that could pay big dividends!  8 Tax Tips to Help You Save Money from Tax Assistance Group

Non-Cash Items That You Must Report

Accurately preparing a tax return can be difficult when you have an increase or a decrease in income, or when there are major changes in your life. Paying too little in taxes can present complications later on, including penalties and interest. As such, it’s important to know what items that are taxable and which ones are not. Generally speaking, paying a tax debt in installments is ...