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Unfiled Returns

Unfiled Tax Returns?
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When a taxpayer does not file a tax return every year, the IRS can file for them, using what is called a Substitute for Return. When these filings tax place, they usually do not include the proper tax deductions or credits a taxpayer may qualify for. This could cause the taxpayers to have a tax debt.

Failing to file tax returns is among the more serious offenses, as viewed by the IRS. Regardless of the outcome, returns are expected to be filed each year. Repeated non-filing may be deemed as tax evasion and can lead to criminal prosecution. A licensed tax professional can assist with filing your return, but given the severity of the repercussions from failing to file taxes, a consultation with a Licensed Tax Professional is highly recommended.

unfiled returns

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It is essential that all taxpayers always file their returns every year and on time. We are experienced in assisting taxpayers with W2, 1099 and all small business tax filings.

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