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Currently Not Collectible

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A taxpayer can be granted Currently Not Collectible status if he or she is lacks the funds to satisfy a tax debt. Unfortunately, the IRS can be demanding when it comes to collecting from Americans and will consider someone “CNC” only if they meet certain circumstances. Tax Assistance Group is available for free consultations to help those who feel they’re eligible for Currently Not Collectible status.

currently not collectible

Luckily, there is no standard number to qualify for the Currently Not Collectible program and there are many ways a taxpayer can qualify. Typically, a Currently Not Collectible candidate would meet this criteria:

  • Unemployed or on a fixed income.
  • Unable to meet and pay for necessary monthly expenses based on current income.
  • No assets to satisfy the tax debt.
  • No equity to satisfy the tax debt.
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The Currently Not Collectible program does not prevent a Federal Tax Lien from being filed by the IRS.

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