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Penalty Abatement

Are you eligible for a Penalty Abatement?
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Penalty Abatement is a reduction in the amount owed due to tax debt penalties. As there are often penalties for failing to pay a debt, or failing to pay on time, the total amount owed to the IRS can end up being much greater than the original tax debt. In some cases, tax payers can get penalties abated due to special circumstances. Tax Assistance Group is available to discuss the “reasonable cause criteria” established by the IRS and, if appropriate, make a request for Penalty Abatement.

penalty abatement

To qualify for Penalty Abatement, you must show reasonable cause for not being able to resolve your taxes. This is based on all facts and circumstances in each situation and could include:

  • Family death
  • Health problems
  • Bad financial advice
  • Floods, hurricane, tornado and natural disasters
  • Theft, embezzlement
  • Lost Records
  • Divorce/Unemployment/Retiree
  • Financial strain of being a caretaker
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The final decision for penalty abatement is entirely up to the IRS.

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