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Top 5 Reasons to Hire Professional Tax Resolution Help

July 09, 2015

Many taxpayers choose to hire professional tax resolution help because they are unfamiliar with tax debt rules and IRS regulations. Whether it is collecting back taxes or reducing tax debt, the IRS has to follow guidelines set by the Internal Revenue Manual. That makes it important for taxpayers to understand the tax rules that impact their tax debt case.

Those taxpayers that can afford to hire professional help may do so and gain the following benefits:

1. Choosing the Right Payment Plan

Although there are various tax debt resolution plans offered by the IRS, not every plan is open to a taxpayer. Every plan has many qualifying factors, each of which must be met to qualify. A professional tax service helps you to choose the payment plan that saves you the most money and time. Usually, the IRS charges a penalty if you apply for a payment plan that you clearly do not qualify for.

2. Getting Maximum Reduction in Tax Debt

Taxpayers that cannot afford to pay their full tax debt can achieve a reduction. For tax debt reduction, the IRS demands a financial statement. They use the financial statement to determine the applicant’s ability to pay. A tax help professional negotiates with the IRS to provide you with the maximum tax debt reduction that your case allows.

3. Paying Lesser in Penalties and Interest

Even if you cannot qualify for a tax debt payment plan such as the Offer in Compromise or the Partial Payment Installment Agreement, you can still reduce your total tax debt amount by strategically planning your payments. For example, if you qualify for an Installment Agreement and you pay more in the initial months, you reduce the amount you pay in penalties and interest.

4. Avoiding Non-compliance

Not knowing all the tax rules is not only inconvenient for a taxpayer but can also attract penalties from the IRS. Even after you have qualified for a payment plan, you need to know all the requirements of the plan to successfully resolve your back taxes. Professional tax resolution companies have tax attorneys and other tax specialists on staff, so you can be free from the risk of making errors that may lead to non-compliance.

5. Saving Your Time and Effort

Hiring a professional tax service leaves you with peace of mind while your tax debt case is being resolved. You avoid the paperwork, planning, representation, and negotiations.

All these factors together contribute to make it highly beneficial for taxpayers to hire a competent tax service to reach a resolution. Taxpayers that cannot afford to hire help can contact the IRS or the Taxpayer Advocate Service to facilitate a resolution.