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Affordable Tax Audit Help You Can Trust.

Being selected for a tax audit can be a scary thing, but you don’t have to do it on your own. At Tax Assistance Group, our licensed tax professionals have decades of experience handling state and federal tax audits. We can assist with paperwork, attend audit meetings, negotiate to reduce your tax debt and ensure your rights are protected throughout the entire process.

How Long Does a Tax Audit Take?

The IRS has up to three years to complete its audit of your return. The clock starts ticking from the date you filed your return or the due date of the return being reviewed, whichever is later. The IRS does have the ability to extend this to six years if it believes tax fraud was involved.

The length of your tax audit will depend on the type of audit conducted (mail, office, or field), the complexity of your case, availability of information, and the auditor’s and/or your schedule. If you decide to appeal the findings, it will also add more time to the case. In general, however, most IRS tax audits are completed within 12 months.   

IRS Tax Audit Process

The IRS will not initiate an audit by telephone or email. If you are selected for an IRS audit, you will be notified in writing by mail. The “Notice of Audit” letter will include details about your audit, including:

  • What is being reviewed
  • Documentation needed for the audit
  • Deadline dates for requested items
  • Contact information
  • Appointment location and time (office audits)

If you need more time to gather documentation, you may fax a written request to the number listed in your letter. You may also mail a letter to the address provided. In most cases, you’ll be given an extra 30 days. The IRS, however, does not grant extensions to taxpayers who receive a “Notice of Deficiency” by certified mail.

We highly recommend working with an experienced tax professional if you have been selected for an IRS tax audit. Handling an audit on your own can be overwhelming and risky, especially for those facing an office or field audit. At Tax Assistance Group, we’ll work hard to get you the best results and protect your taxpayer rights.

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