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Are You Eligible For IRS Penalty Abatement? Here’s How We Can Help!

Each year, the IRS charges taxpayers billions of dollars in tax penalties. If your tax debt has ballooned due to penalty fees, Tax Assistance Group may be able to help. We’ll work to get your fees waived and help you get into an affordable tax relief program.

What is IRS Penalty Abatement?

If you fail to file or pay your taxes on time, the total amount owed to the IRS can quickly increase due to penalties. In some cases, you may be able to have these fees reduced or removed through what is known as penalty abatement. The IRS generally provides penalty relief for reasonable cause, such as death, serious illness, or inability to pay or file due to a natural disaster. You may also be eligible for the IRS First-Time Penalty Abatement program.

IRS First-Time Penalty Abatement

First-Time Penalty Abatement (FTA) may be an option if you have failure-to-file or failure-to-pay penalty fees. To qualify for FTA, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You had no penalties for the three (3) tax years before the year you were penalized or you’ve never had to previously file a return.
  • You are current on all tax filings or filed an extension.
  • You have paid or made arrangements to pay your taxes.

Although you can apply for FTA and other penalty relief on your own, we encourage you to seek the assistance of a reputable tax professional. At Tax Assistance Group, we can review your records to determine what relief you may be entitled to receive. We can also prepare your abatement request, track its progression, and assist with an appeal, if necessary.

To see if you are eligible for IRS penalty abatement, schedule your free consultation today! 833-803-4222