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Tax Problems We Solve

If you are facing one of the tax problems below, you’ve come to the right place. When a taxpayer has a tax debt owed, the IRS will perform certain collection actions and measures to collect on the debt. Some of the tax problems can be handled easily by making arrangements to satisfy the debt, while others are difficult to overcome because the IRS becomes aggressive.

tax problems we solve

The IRS may be forced to use collection actions against a taxpayer, which can cause a financial hardship in the taxpayer’s household. The collection measures include:

  • IRS Wage Garnishment: The IRS will seize a portion of a taxpayer’s wages, paycheck or salary to satisfy a tax debt.
  • IRS Bank Levies: The IRS will attempt and seize funds from a taxpayer’s bank account. This action could also take place on accounts receivable to satisfy an IRS tax debt.
  • IRS Tax Liens: An IRS Tax Lien is placed against a taxpayer’s property or person as collateral for a tax debt. This is done through the taxpayer’s social security number or tax identification number.

These three collection actions tend to have a significant effect on a taxpayers finances and credit score. They make it difficult to borrow money from financial institutions such as banks or private lenders. It is also difficult to buy or sell properly with an IRS tax lien in place. The IRS can leave a taxpayer without significant money to live and in some cases jail time occurs.

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Here are other problems that taxpayers face when facing a tax debt.

  • Payroll Tax Issues: The IRS can take collection actions to recoup a payroll tax debt from a business owner, their executives and in some cases their employees.
  • Unfiled Returns: It is important to file your tax returns and stay in IRS compliance. The IRS will not be willing to set up a payment plan or any agreements with a taxpayer who has unfiled tax years.

Tax Assistance Group has a team of licensed tax professionals who are equipped to handle these types of tax problems that taxpayer face when they have a tax debt. This gives the taxpayer the best line of defense when dealing with the IRS.