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Tax Problems? We Can Solve Them.

If you are struggling with a tax problem, you’ve come to the right place. When you owe taxes, the IRS will take certain actions and measures to collect on that tax debt. Some of the tax problems can be easily handled by making arrangements to satisfy the debt. Other issues, however, are more difficult to overcome without the help of an experienced tax professional.

IRS Tax Problems – Collection Actions

The IRS may be forced to use collection actions against you, which can cause financial hardship. These collection measures typically include:

  • IRS Wage Garnishment:

    The IRS will seize a portion of your wages, paycheck, or salary to satisfy the tax debt.

  • IRS Bank Levies:

    The IRS can seize funds from your bank account. Any accounts receivables may also be at risk.

  • IRS Tax Liens:

    To secure payment of your tax debt, liens may be placed against your home and other personal property, as well as other financial assets.

These three IRS collection actions can significantly impact your finances and affect your ability to get credit. You may have a difficult time getting a loan or taking out a credit card. Selling your home or vehicle could also be a problem. Unlike other creditors, the IRS can garnish a much larger portion of your paycheck, leaving you with very little to make ends meet.

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Tax Problem Help

Tax Assistance Group has a team of experienced tax professionals who can provide help for any tax problem you may be facing, such as:

  • Back Taxes:

    Are you behind on paying your taxes? We can help find an affordable solution to get you back on track with the IRS or your state.

  • Payroll Tax Relief:

    Falling behind on your payroll taxes can get you into hot water with the IRS. We can help you avoid aggressive collection actions and keep your business moving forward.

  • Tax Audits:

    Tax audits are never fun, but we can make them less stressful. We’ll help you throughout the process and even provide representation if needed.

  • Unfiled Tax Returns:

    Forgot to file your taxes? Stuff happens. Our tax professionals can get your late tax returns filed and negotiate to lower your bill.

  • Tax Offset:

    The IRS can take your state and federal tax refunds to satisfy old tax debts. Keep more money in your pockets with our help.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to turn, contact Tax Assistance Group now. We’ll work to find the right solutions for your tax problems. You have nothing to lose except your tax debt!

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