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Tax Liens

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A tax lien is a claim staked by the IRS on a person’s property as a result of failure to pay taxes. This claim secures the government’s interest in collecting on the debt. Should the debtor continue to remain noncompliant with his or her tax liability, the IRS can take collection action against the property in question. Those who have a tax lien are encouraged to consult with a licensed tax professional to discuss options for getting it removed. The IRS does, in some circumstances, allow tax liens to be lifted for those who qualify.

The tax lien can have significant effects on a taxpayers credit ratings. It is usually difficult to qualify for bank loans or purchase a new home or vehicle. A tax lien can also affect the clearance one would need if they are a government worker or government contractor.

tax liens

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A taxpayer can apply for a Discharge of a Federal Tax Lien if one of the following applies to them:

  • Streamlined agreement with the IRS
  • IRS lien was incorrectly filed
  • Taxpayer can prove that by removing the IRS tax lien, they will pay the debt faster
  • Taxpayer can prove that the lien withdrawal is in the governments best interest
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